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Xiamen Welso Co., Ltd. had been established in 2004, is located the beautiful marine garden Xiamen island.
Our company mainly manages each kind of commodity and the technical import and export. The wholesale retail sales metallic material, the mechanical device, the instrument and meters, the auto parts, the solar energy photovoltaic products series, the electric wire and cable, the hardware &electric material, the building material, the rubber product, the chemical material, the stone material, the paper, the lumber, the feed, the clothing, the textile, the canned food, the cashew nut shell oil, the cashew phenol, cardolite, modified phenol-formaldehyde resin products etc.
In recent years our company in order to adapt the development environmental protection regeneration energy market demand, developed the photovoltaic industry, specially unceasingly thoroughly developed Europe, America, the Middle East and the domestic market in the solar energy domain. At present our company has formed the industrial chain production bases to include: Solar energy accumulator cell production bases; Ironwork and lamppost production bases; Craft lamps and lanterns production bases.
The product mainly has seven majors: The solar energy outdoors illumination lamps and lanterns series, the solar energy arts and crafts lamp series, the solar energy advertising lamp series, the solar energy road traffic and warning signal series, the solar energy light and so on symbol series, solar energy portable illumination series, LED nightscape project series etc, the solar energy photovoltaic products series.



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